The Importance Of Tantra Breathing


Is tantra breathing really important? If you are looking for greater sexual control, it certainly is. Tantra sex is all about mastery over one’s passions, and tantra breathing techniques taught by a qualified tantric teacher can go a long way in achieving this.

The ancient yogis of India were acutely aware of the role that breath plays – not just in the sustenance of life itself, but also in the way humans respond to certain impulses. We all know that controlling our breathing in times of stress and crisis can calm our minds and help us focus. By the same coin, learning tantric breathing techniques allows students of tantra to control their sexual passion. In doing this, they become able to conserve and unleash their sexual energy at will. This kind of breathing is one of the key skill-sets that an experienced tantra teacher will bestow on his pupils.

A very significant aspect of tantric breathing is the fact that it allows the male greater control over ejaculation. By focusing on breathing at the time of greatest sexual excitement, he can withhold his body’s orgasmic response – sometimes for long periods of time. The end result of such sexual control by the man is obviously enhanced erotic pleasure for himself as well as his female partner. In the same manner, the woman is better enabled to synchronize her orgasm with her male partner’s if she practices tantra breathing along with him.

The ancient tantric scriptures tell us that meditating on the process of breathing during the sexual act helps the two partners to fix upon each other’s tantra energy. There is a mutual exchange of life-force and erotic power. This is an extremely powerful method of bonding at the very soul level, allowing the relationship to blossom from the earth-bound to the transcendental. At the same time, the chemistry of the partners’ bodies is subtly changed. There is a controlled, yet focused release of sex hormones. Also, physical energy is enhanced with the elimination of wasteful, shallow breathing and the introduction of tantric breathing.

When tantric breathing is practiced during sexual union, the quintessential tantra deities of Shiva and Shakti are locked in a celestial dance of erotic love. Their energies merge and mingle in a tantalizing act of worshipful foreplay. Their focus is totally on each other – the external world ceases to exist as they unite. This state is the very essence of tantra, and it is indispensable for those who aspire to experience the bliss of spiritual sex.


Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta