The Motivation Battle In Your Mind


Do you wonder why you have no energy or why the word “workout” brings on such a feeling of dread? Do you feel powerless in your life on how to affect any kind of change? How many times have you heard this same description used for various workshops you have taken or books you have read on how to change your life by changing your motivation? And despite these resources, how many times have you slipped back into those past non-productive patterns of behavior and you are stumped as to how to actually change those patterns?

Can you become powerful and have a life filled with enthusiasm and zeal? There are many classes and books out there today advertising many ways to change your motivation and patterns of behavior. One such book stated the seven secrets to motivation and named them. Focus, belief, habits, emotional reactions, energy, your surroundings, and time management. Even though these are wonderful tools to help you identify the problems, how do you implement them in your life? There are books and magazines galore out there that help you identify problems, but you still have the quandary of how to implement the new set of patterns. You have to remember that identifying the problem areas is half the battle. Now you have to overcome the patterns, and that’s where the battle lies.

You probably believe that your emotional state can significantly impact your mind, but does it impact your body, or the disease you are battling, or even your motivation? Our emotional state can create a lot of stress in our day-to-day lives and our every day battles are very comparable to how our ancestors would handle stress. If a bear came at them, their amygdala would take control, pumping blood to the arms and legs, raising their blood pressure and heart rate, preparing them to run away or to fight. It’s called the “fight or flight” response. However, the stress that we create in our lives today is not just a one-time bear attack; it is an ongoing realistic part of almost every day life. We are at a heightened emotional stress level on a daily basis, which is very bad for the body, and creates all sorts of very real physical and emotional problems.

In a heightened, emotionally stressed state, energy gets pumping as our adrenals go on overdrive; however, the ability to process food normally, effectively burn calories, lose weight, and build muscle go out the window, as they aren’t important in your need to fight or flea. When the adrenals are on overdrive they eat up as much magnesium as they can, leaving your body deficient. Your cholesterol and triglycerides go up, blood pressure increases, and your stomach flora decreases, which then creates allergies, gastroesophageal reflux or heartburn, high blood pressure, etc. Along with all of this, your cortisol and insulin levels increase, leaving you prone to even more things, such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart problems, and central obesity. Stress is bad every way you look at it. But stress is especially bad with regards to your energy level, ability to function in a motivated state, or even have the physical ability to do so. No wonder motivation is such a hard state to maintain.

Stress is definitely one key component, but there are also other problems, like memories or emotions, that keep you stuck on the couch. How about that memory from your youth where you were bullied, or the memory of being told how lazy you were and that you would never amount to anything? Memories such as these are key components, and lead to thought processes that you subconsciously fight all the time, such as, “I’m not good enough to do this”, or “Nothing I do is going to be good enough.” This most often ends up being a battle of the will and the subconscious usually wins. All of these components, combined with the physical problems they create, like disease, are associated with the emotional state we are in. This leads to a serious lack of motivation to do just about anything, except just exist day-to-day, never realizing those dreams we had or progressing forward in our lives.

So why not just release the problems as we identify them? I know, it is kind of a revolutionary approach. Clear away the brush so that the path stays clear! But how do you do that? Psychological Acupressure! Simply put, clearing the pathway to healing is the power of psychological acupressure.

You’ve heard how acupressure can heal different meridians in the body that block energy, right? Well, the psychological part of this with emotions and trauma is done in a very similar way. You tap at the central point, the third eye for the body, or the gamut point for the brain, and combine that with a sentence that draws the brain to what the body is feeling, or vice versa, and you clear it out and then replace it with what you truly want to feel.

This doesn’t magically remove a memory or trauma, but what it does is it allows your brain and your body to release it as being a very traumatic event with a very traumatic emotion so that the memory is just that… a memory. It doesn’t have power over you any more. It’s amazing how much power we give emotions and memories without realizing it. We become victims to that trauma and become powerless to change it.

The first thing to do is to use the psychological acupressure to bring your subconscious energy in line with what you truly want to do. This is called a “reversal.” Sometimes when that memory is from a long time ago, you have a tendency to believe it. A reversal changes that energy so you actually do want to clear it out and get rid of that constant thought.

To do this, you take the part of your body known as the third eye point, right where a cyclops eye would be, and make a statement like, “Even though I don’t want to calm the stress center of my brain, I choose to change it and calm my Amygdala,” and “Even though I don’t want to get over these issues and memories dealing with motivation, I choose to get over them and have amazing motivation and will power.” This will reverse your energy in your subconscious and allow it to be in sync with your mind on what you want to do.

A powerful reversal is that one you use when you don’t think anything will ever change and you just want to end it by committing suicide. Reversing that energy, even just for a few days, can let you see that life is always in flux and is ever changing. Just take a deep breath, reverse that energy, and see how it changes. It’s amazing!

The next step is to tap out the stress response in your amygdala and calm it down. Your amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for the “fight or flight” response. To do this, you need to tap this statement at the gamut point, as this is dealing with the brain. The gamut point is on the back of either hand, in between the pinky and the ring fingers, in the little valley there and then back about a half inch. This point ties in right to your brain, as the optic nerve is directly linked to parts of the brain, so you do specific eye motions as you tap this area in order to direct your energy to that specific area of the brain. Use two fingers and tap in a gentle way with medium pressure, “Even though my amygdala is hyperactive causing a low-level stress response in my body, I choose to be calm and centered.” At this point, do your eye motions as you keep tapping that point. Look down hard to the right, look down hard to the left, Now tap on top of your head and make the statement, “I choose to be calm and centered.” Take a deep breath and release the stress as you breath out.

After calming down the amygdala, it should calm down the low-level stress response and put you back into a non-stress level state. Now your body will calmly go back to a normal state of being. However, stress has a way of coming at you again and again all day long. Clearing past trauma associated with the amygdala is important, but until you can do it with a professional, just keep clearing your amygdala three or four times a day for awhile to keep you in a good calm and centered state.

After calming down the brain center, you now need to keep on working at ridding yourself of those past memories and thought processes you say to yourself, ones that keep you on that couch and not doing what you want to do in your life.

Ways to tap out these events/emotions would be to just take a moment when you feel particularly unmotivated and try to evaluate why you feel that way. If a memory or thought process comes up, try tapping the emotion/thought out exactly as you think it. This would start at the third eye point again and the sentence to do this would be something like, “Even though I feel so incompetent and don’t believe in my own abilities to do this, I choose to correct this and not only accept myself but choose to believe in myself and have the power to change my life.” Do the same thing with traumas that you can remember, where you feel those same emotions.

When you clear out these emotions and thought processes, and your body is out of its stress response, you feel emotionally clear and free, fully capable to do what you need to do. Try this technique in relation to any of the problems you have identified in past classes or even the thought processes that come up when you read a book and clear out the old beliefs.

You can even clear out those patterns of behaviors the same way. When you Identify a pattern you do when you want to avoid something, tap in both the third eye and gamut point that you have this pattern of behavior that you chose to correct and choose to be able to identify that you are doing that pattern as you do it and correct it. Too often we identify the pattern after we did it. Tap at that point too to clear the pattern.

When you work with your subconscious not against it you bring your energy in sync with what you truly want to do in your life and you will have an extraordinary life. That is your empowerment, taking your power back, and choosing to move forward. You can choose to tap, or not to tap, but I have now given you the key. The next step is yours.


Source by Karen Burton