Two Power Coil Golf Swing Drills to Fire-Up Your Golf Swing


Golf swing drills are designed to imprint memory on your muscles on how the swing feels. At the same time, golf swing drills also let your muscles know how the wrong golf swing feels. This is all done by decelerating the golf swing to heighten your awareness of your body’s every movement from the backswing, to the downswing, impact, and follow-through.

What powers an excellent golf swing that produces both distance and accuracy? The graceful tightening coil of your body as you do the backswing, and the fast-snap and fluid uncoiling of your body as you do the down swing, hit the ball and continue to a full follow-through, all bring power to your golf swing.

Below are two of the most effective golf drills for developing a powerful body coil that will fire up your swing.

1. Golf Swing Drill for More Power-Producing Body Coil

The First drill is to know how it feels for your body to be coiled at the optimum level during a backswing. This simple golf drill will be one of the most useful drills you will learn for improving your swing.

So start by swinging your golf club until you are at the peak of your back swing. At this point, the golf club should be high in the air for a full stretch, your left shoulder dipped a little to accommodate this stretch, and your left knee also bent slightly. You should be able to feel the energy gathering in your body as it wounds into a tighter coil.

Next, perform the down swing. Pause the swing just before it hits the ball. Feel how your body uncoils naturally in the down swing, how your left leg straightens and your body weight shifts to the left foot (reverse if left-handed).

After repeating the backswing and downswing coil several times, now hit the ball and completely follow-through. Be mindful of how your body coils smoothly and increasingly to the right during the backswing, and how it uncoils at a faster speed to the left during the downswing. Also be mindful of how your golf club squarely hits the ball and flies all the way up to follow-through.

2. Golf Swing Drill for Better Arm Rotation

The more effective golf swings are done on a single plane. This next golf drill will help you accomplish this by improving your arm rotation.

So without any golf club, get into a golf stance at address. Your weight should be balanced equally on both feet. Next, let your arms fall down naturally and then bring your hands together palm-to-palm.

Then rotate your hip and arms to do a backswing while trying to keep your palms still in-contact with one another. To be able to retain this palm-to-palm contact, you need to hold your arms close together during the rotation, while continuing to keep your left arm straight. In this position you can only do a half-backswing.

This drill is important because it trains your arms to rotate into a backswing position properly, which is having your left arm in a straight position (for right-handed folks) and keeping both of your arms in close proximity to one another during the backswing.

So practice these golf drills to get your body in tune with the movements of a perfect golf swing. Make your mind focus on each move to build better motor memory. It won’t be long before you will see improvements in your golf score.


Source by Ron Reich