Two Things You Simply Should Know


If you ever are going to climb the ladder of success, And go a little bit further than the ordinary man-the pressure will increase! Only when you get to such heights, will you start hearing the screeching & quacking voices of the accusers, oppossers & critisists.

Ever wondered why?

Because GREAT MEN NEVER CRITICIZE SMALL MEN, only small men do so. After coming a long way & whipping a lot of sweat, that is when criticism takes a hike. It is only when you reach certain height of achievement that your opposers can no longer tolerate; That they begin to vibrate. “At the transcendent summit of our achievements, a parallel contrary adversity is set in motion”

By at least 1 out of 10 people who know about your success! I realised that; “How great a man has thrived, is often reflected by the magnitude of his enemies & how BAD they want him dead in his time of transcendent increase!! This is because everyone who has stood up for something right has always been opposed, even Christ!

There are two things to note here: it is a guarantee That if you reach to the climax of your abrupt potential

1. You will be resisted

2. You will be criticized

Therefore tuck your belt tight & continue to sail through life rather than drifting & bear in mind that somewhere along the path you will meet these two, either as a team or they will be pressing against you individually! THE TWO THINGS YOU SIMPLY SHOULD KNOW!

By Nelson Chinomona

“Inspiring people to make choices that reinvigorate nations”


Source by Nelson Chinomona