Understand This Mindset: Spiritual Retreat


Life to a spiritual retreat, various people went to a holy place to fulfill the spiritual retreat. In the city of Cotabato in the Philippines, every year two radio stations do not broadcast their regular programs from Thursday to Saturday because staff members make a spiritual retreat. Many people who go to a spiritual retreat during the Week of Semana Santa. But judging the effects of these retreats in their lives, they show to be unaware of spiritual awakening during these retreats. They bring in the same way of living before and after their spiritual retreats. You can experience a range of spiritual or religious highs. But nothing has happened in their depths. This article narrates how to use the spiritual retreat to experience the spiritual awakening.

Do you own a specific goal for your spiritual retreat?

The first thing you need to do to experience spiritual excitement during a retreat is to own a specific goal if you enter this work. It does not matter if your supervisor or a Human Resources employee will lead you to a spiritual retreat. If you do it yourself, ready a specific goal to plan your spiritual retreat.

Their goal, how to change your life for the better. This is the overall aim. Have a better spiritual retreat experience, come in a specific goal. For example, you may want to set a goal to prepared to stop smoking. Or his goal is to read one gospel effective in the retirement age. Or this may be the case for personality improvement. Whatever in mind, make it specific.

Get the fraction for a moment to talk to your god. Second, it’s time to talk to your God, whether he or whatever you think of it.

Overall, a retreat has a series of teacher lectures or movable movers and meditations for participants. Again, consider it during the lecture period of your retired professor of god. For example, if you are listening to conversations, you can say to your God, I will make this talk in action very much.

I said “your God,” because each of us has a different theory of God, whether we are complete Christians or Muslims. Buddhists do likely God similar Christians and Muslims. Atheists or unbelievers own the true notion of God they denied. Deny nothing. There is a theory of God that you have denied. Talk to this god during the retreat.

Then, in contemplation, tell your God of everything that reaches into your spirit. In this way, you associate with the rules beyond yourself, if you are not yet, and the growth becomes an opportunity for spiritual awakening for you.

Write a record of your thoughts

Third, write a report on your reflections on a good notebook. I realize that many during the retreat, people do not write. They listen to the speaker and do the exercises they make, such as singing and posture exercises, but they do not write.

If you do not write in your mind, it means you have no record of it, and there is no easy way to remember the thoughts later. Meanwhile, if you write it down, you can read it later and see how your life has improved since the retreat. In that way, you will see how your life has grown since then. And if you do not see the improvement, you can make the necessary changes to continue the journey to eternity. In this way, you will know whether you are awake spiritually or not, or if your spiritual thoughts progress if you have experienced a spiritual awakening.

These are the means to effectively use retreats to inspire you spiritually: there is a purpose, talking with your god of retreat, write your thoughts. Best of luck in your spiritual retreat!


Source by Emilio Vargas