Using a “Cake Making” Analogy, I Explain Why One Can’t “Explain” the Experience of Spirituality


“Spirituality” is a very ‘generalized’ term, yet… It is a rather ‘personal’ affair.

Whereas I have written of many ‘insights’ into essential Spirituality with heaps of ‘Knowledge’, that with a wee bit of inner Inspiration… one ‘may’, if so inclined, turn this information into the ‘Mindful Experience’ of Spirituality.

It is only after this point in one’s earnest perseverance that ‘Wisdoms’ of a Spiritual nature can arise. Up to this point, there has only been heaps of info…

It’s up to one’s individual ‘calling’… An Inner Pull… an Inspiration… For this material to be considered a ‘Spiritual’ experience.

All the great Sages have always stated ‘essentially’:

There are no words to describe the Tao.

That in which can be written… Is Not the Tao.

Tao, God or any name one associates with this Universal expression, can not be learned from printed word. The nature of this ‘infallible’ experience can only be understood by undertaking the ‘experience’ itself.

‘God’ – Is a very ‘touchy topic’ – This printed word carries heaps of ‘connotation’s’. For so many… it means so many different things…

This turns the Deep meanings behind ‘God’, into just a ‘label’.

When this “Label” shows up, most everyone has a predetermined perspective of what this “Label” means to them.

Most “Godaphobes” will have clicked away from this post by this sentence, as they are all to eager to throw away the dirty bath water of the negative connotations that ‘God’ has endured from the bad rep of man’s un-Godly like past…

So then, the ‘Godaphobes’ will have no part of anything “God” like, which when considering the choices that over 4200 “religions” offer as their form of ‘God’… avoidance of this type of misleading approach to a version of ‘God’ based on Myth, Magic and Miracles… could be quite the reasonable and rational standing.

But it is unfortunate never the less for anyone to lose the inspiration towards an Enlightening Higher Consciousness.

Near the bottom of this article I will outline the mystical ‘secret’ of this:

Enlightening Higher Consciousness.

Also unfortunate, is that most of those that are ‘In’ one of the 4200 + ‘religions’ have already been told that their ‘God’ is found by following only their particular version of worship, and all the other worshipers are worshiping all wrong… so off to hell for them…

This is tragic in that these ‘divide and conquer’ practices have a self-defeating way for the true unification of ‘All’ human kind.

There is no way one can unconditionally love all of humanity if they can only unconditionally love those that ‘worship’ just like they do, or look just like them, or have the same pigmentation or share the same boarders or…

The ways ‘we’ have created to pit ‘Us against Them’ will some day be transcended into a more adequate perspective closer towards… ‘Unconditional Love’

Ethnocentric traditions often stifle progressive ideas and keeps the flock from Transcending towards Higher stages of Human development… and Higher stages of Human Consciousness.

We simply need to learn to ‘Grow up’ and Spiritually ‘Wake up’. Human developmental Growth Stages – And – Spiritual Awareness of Higher Consciousness.

My desire is to Inspire those that are in the frame of mind to turn that Inspiration into a Path of Spiritual Awareness of their own Higher Consciousness… or at least living a mindful existence with a wider embrace of acceptance than earlier generations.

Once one has set out on this journey… They too are inclined to seek an Awakening of Spirit within themselves, so that they may help others find the Awakening of Spirit within themselves…

“Spirituality” is another “Label” that turns a lot of people away based on perceived negative connotations. Again, there are heaps of really good rational reasons to at least be ‘cautiously curious’ when one encounters this “Label”…

With the overwhelming array of ‘New Age – Get Bliss Quick’ schemes… Featuring the wildest imaginations of the ‘New Age’ crowd, which are all too often based on simply “Wishing really hard”… or trusting that some exotic crystal or magic ointment will bring on Nirvana… there are plenty reasons to be ‘cautious’ when curious or even a skeptic in a lot of cases.

So like the great Sages that refuse to even attempt to describe their infallible connection to Spirit… They insist that the only way to convey this experience is by encouraging the inspired seeker to ‘Experience’ the experience themselves…

It is a personal journey.

Here’s an analogy of ‘Experiencing’ something, as opposed of just reading about it:

How does a Cake ‘Taste‘?

If one has the desire to make a really tasty cake…

They can buy a cake cook book, memorize the amount of each and every ingredient, and even understand all there is to know about each ingredient…

Even become an encyclopedic wealth of info about this Cake…

But still will never ever know how the Cake Tastes… Until one ‘Experiences’ the Taste of the Cake for themselves, and only by mixing the ingredients and baking it just right can they complete it… and Taste it.

Trying to explain ‘God’ with a ‘cake’ reference:

Imagine for some reason, like, you’ve got a birthday coming up…

You have cravings for cake.

You get to choose whatever cake you would like for your birthday…

As you are pondering this cake concept… You walk outside and

A spaceship pulls up, and a little green man offers you a cake and says:

“This is the best cake in the universe, it’s made in the farthest reaches of space and time… You will find nothing like it here on Earth… & off he goes.

You indeed find it is the best cake you’ve ever tasted and then soon consume the whole cake and waddle back home to tell everybody how wonderful this cake was.

However, none of the ingredients are even remotely close to anything on earth.

The taste sensations created subtle explosions of gastronomical delight, a bio-chemical bliss reaction to these ‘other worldly’ ingredients… You have just tasted Nirvana and want to tell the world… Except that there is nothing here on Earth that can even be remotely related to.

The ‘Men in Black’ were not altogether happy that you did not leave them a piece of undigested outer-space cake… as they grumpily sorted through the “bio-remains”:-

‘God’ is even harder to explain than outer-space cake.

The Sage ones would state that the secret towards becoming more and more closer to everlasting unshakeable Bliss…

Is to start desiring ‘things’ less and less…

Strive towards essential needs while shedding the attachments to those trivial desires. This is at the core of Buddha’s teachings.

The mystical Secret of this “Enlightening Higher Consciousness”!…

Is Just… Love.


A term everyone can define… yet,

Nearly No One can live it… yet.


Source by Roger J Curley