Using Your Mind, For Self – Help!


If you, hope, to become the best, you can possibly, become, it’s essential, to assume a high degree of personal responsibility, and help yourself, in a truly, proactive manner! It is essential, to consistently, commit, to USING the finest aspects of your mind, for significant, self – help! It’s a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter. This sage advice, credited to the late, great, Groucho Marx, stresses, how important, the idea, of mind – over – matter, truly is! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, and how, we must improve ourself, consistently, by strengthening, as many mental aspects as possible, including, proceeding with a positive, can – do, attitude, never settling for good – enough, and proceeding, through life, looking for ways to get better!

1. Urgent; urgings; unique; usual/ unusual: If you don’t consider your health, happiness, and well – being, as urgent, no one else, will! We must effectively, listen, to our urgings, and address, both the usual needs, and many of the unusual ones! Discover, your unique characters, strengths, abilities, and perspectives, and, seek to make yourself, better!

2. Strengths/ stronger; sustainable; solutions: Know, and take advantage of your strengths, and address/ improve, areas of weakness! Strive to become stronger, by considering, both, your relevant, present needs, as well as the sustainable ones! Consider obstacles as challenges, instead of problems, and consistently seek, the finest, viable solutions!

3. Ideas; image; imagination; instincts; integrity: Be honest in your self – examination, because, unless you maintain absolute, genuine integrity, you will do, irreparable damage to your self – image! This requires having the imagination to perceive and conceive of, how things, should, and could be, rather than merely, as they presently are! Develop your instincts, to consistently, consider, ramifications, and possibilities, so you can proceed, in a well – considered, timely way!

4. Needs; nuances: Consider various options, and be willing to address specific nuances, which might make you happier. Address your needs, and perceptions, in a comprehensive manner!

5. Greater; growth; guiding: How might you become a guiding light, for your personal health, and well – being? Will you make yourself, and the possibilities, greater, and enhance, your potential, for quality, personal growth?

How will you, be USING your mind, to enhance yourself, focusing on self – help? Will you assume this personal responsibility?


Source by Richard Brody