Warrior: A Path to Self-Sovereignty by Geoff Thompson


I learned about “Warrior: A Path to Self-Sovereignty” by Geoff Thompson from a friend of mine. He sent me the book thinking I would enjoy it since I live and teach by similar principles. Well, Nick knows me well, because I really enjoyed this book. It reinforced some of my own beliefs and made me think about others. While it is a great book for martial artists to read, I think anyone who wants to live more powerfully can learn from this book and become more courageous and live lives with more purpose.

The warrior mentality that Thompson writes about in this book is similar to my Warrior’s Edge teachings. Both of us are helping people reclaim their warriorship and live more purposefully and powerfully, regardless if they have occupations in the military, law enforcement, security or related fields, and regardless if they practice martial arts. Living as a warrior, basing your life on the principles that Thompson shares and guides you through in this text, is for anyone and everyone who wants to maximize their potential and live life to its fullest.

The chapters focus on various traits and ways to live. These include: Seeking a difficult life, Seeking self-mastery, Being gentle, Being industrious, Being virtuous, Making no excuses, Living in the present, Being a responsible parent, Being balanced, Being spiritual, Living free, Mentoring others, Serving others, and living with the concept of kaizen. As you can see, this book is not about fighting, or learning how to use weapons or other instruments of war. This book focuses on developing a warrior mindset that allows you to live as a warrior, to live with courage.

I was familiar with Geoff Thompson because of his book, “Dead or Alive,” with Paladin Press, who also published my first book and DVDs. So I knew that Thompson knew a lot about fighting and self-defense. However, now I know that he has branched out from his original teachings on the aspects of fighting and defending oneself to the mental and self-development areas that martial arts and war arts can also help a person manifest. It’s a similar path to the one I’m on, and others have followed. Maybe it comes with age, maturity and wisdom. And wisdom is something Thompson has and shares. I’m looking forward to reading more of his books, and am glad my friend Nick turned me on to them. (And was nice enough to send a couple to me.)

If you want to read an engaging self-development book, that will share some of Thompson’s journey to help you along your own, I highly recommend “Warrior: A Path To Self-Sovereignty.” Not only did I enjoy reading it, I looked to my own life to ensure I was living on the path as Thompson suggests, and I will look back to this book to help keep me on the path and to assist with my Warrior’s Edge teachings.


Source by Alain Burrese