What is Inner Power?


Think of the human body as a piece of electrical wire. Our body has a measurable field of bioelectrical energy that flows through it. This energy is in everything that we see, feel, experience or imagine.

There is a difference, however, between energy and Power. You can be extremely energetic and go, go, go all the time and still not get anything done. Hence my definition of Power is ‘The ability to use what you have to accomplish your goals’. The more energy you can generate, the more energy you have to focus on your goals.

At the same time it’s not just about having more energy, but rather about using the energy you have more effectively. In order to use your energy most effectively you have to reduce the amount of resistance that has to be overcome. When we look at a piece of electrical wire we see that it has a rating that allows electricians to know how much energy it can carry and how much resistance is on the line.

When we look at our body we can see a lot of ways we add resistance to our energy. The food we eat, the environmental toxins we come in contact with and especially our emotions can add resistance to our energy leaving us drained and powerless.

Programming Your System

The Universe works like a huge computer, and like a computer it will give you exactly what you program it to give, rather than what you think you want. Learning to take control of that programming can allow you to put much of your growth process on autopilot, rather than trying to think about every piece of information that comes to you each moment.

The human brain processes billions of pieces of information per second. Even if you wanted to you couldn’t focus on each bit of information you process. Your brain handles this information overload by using various filters or triggers that are your basic programming for how you handle certain situations or events.

Many of these filters can be adjusted, deleted or reprogrammed to help you get the results you want from your life. The principles, concepts and exercises in this book will help you take control of that programming.

Some Keys to the Program

I’m going to get into much more detail as we go along, but for right now I’m going to give you some simple keys to how your programming works. Jack Canfield points out that “The Universe is like a giant lock. If you have the key, the lock has to open”.

Belief – Your beliefs are some of your most basic and powerful programming. Your subconscious can’t manifest what you don’t believe. A good example might be a person living in poverty who wants to be rich, but who also hates ‘rich people’ and uses words like ‘Eat the Rich’. Your subconscious will never let you become that which you despise, so as long as you believe that rich people are bad, you’ll always be poor.

Emotion – Your body is your interface between the ‘real’ world and the Universe. One of our primary problems is that our physical language, a primitive version of English in my case, is not what the Universe speaks. The Universe speaks emotion, and that’s how we communicate directly with it. The Universe doesn’t bring you what you ask for; it brings you what you feel. Learning to use the language of emotion allows you to get better results more quickly.

Contrast – You have to know what you want in order to get it. I came to a shocking realization a few years ago that I always get what I ask (feel) for. However, I was consistently asking and feeling for what I didn’t want because I didn’t have good control over my programming. Whenever you experience an event you can look at that event and break it into what you want and what you don’t. Many people get wrapped up in the feeling of what they don’t want and therefore send out a message ‘bring this’ to the Universe.

Doubt – You can ask for anything you want, but if you doubt your ability to get it then you block the manifestation of it. This is both a pain in the butt and a safety. How often, through bad programming, do we ask for things that are bad for us? Once you decide what you want, decide that it’s good for you and that you should have it, all you have to do is know that it’s on the way and allow it to come. The feeling of doubt is also the feeling of NOT having what you want.

Energy flows best through a happy body – One reason I stress meditation exercises such as The Secret Smile is because these exercises let you take more control over the movement and feel of your energy. The goal of The Secret Smile is to make you feel relaxed, competent, happy and sexy; which is just the opposite of how many of us feel throughout the day.

If you can develop a lifestyle of being happy and relaxed then many of the common energy blocks will be avoided and your energy will flow easily and unencumbered.


Source by Rob Morgen