What is Spirituality?


Spirituality Is Inner Joy of life or a higher frequency of consciousness. Scientifically joy or excitement is defined as an energy state higher than normal. This higher energy state can manifest itself in two different forms:

  • as a higher frequency, or
  • as a higher power at the same frequency, such as turning up the volume.

Higher consciousness is consciousness at a higher frequency than normal, thus inner joy equals higher consciousness. What this mean is that inner joy and excitement is the portal or opening of your conscious mind to the excitement that already exists within your inner self, also known as your higher self or soul. And your soul is the real you. The other part of your self is what we call the outer self which is your outward-oriented consciousness that focuses on the challenges of the outher physical world. You can always trust your inner self because it acts as your true inner guide.

In contradiction to your outward self, the frequency of your inner self's consciousness exists within a frequency band which is higher. When your conscious mind catches even a glimpse of that spiritual essence within you, you will feel the joy and excitement caused by the higher frequency. So when you communicate with your inner self you are in an exhilarating process. The more you are in contact with your inner self the more excitement you feel. Inner joy or excitement is actually a barometer of contact with your soul – the real you. Let this be your guidance. The closer and more intimate your contact becomes, the more inner joy you'll experience.

Now, what should I do to connect with my soul or higher self? I recommend that you try this meditation technique. It has worked for many and it may work for you as well. Here are the steps:

  1. Focus on your breath. Breath slow and even. Keep your attention on the flow of breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils.
  2. On each in-breath, repeat the affirmation "I am Infinite Being."
  3. On each exhale, follow the flow of air from your nostrils. Allow each exhale to take twice as long as each in-breath. This will induce an immediate tranquilizing effect.
  4. Repeat this breathing cycle for 20 minutes.


Source by Terje Ellingsen