Who is Wirly?


Wirly is the product of the meeting of ex-model Ingrid Bjerge and a former Jesuit priest. They met at a casino in Las Vegas and engaged in a frantic love affair. Exotic drinks and other intoxicating substances not disclosed to others are rumored to have been contributing factors. "Friends" of the couple have revealed that this was reportedly the first touch of love her father had. The intensity of the love affair drove him over the edge mentally and caused a rather abrupt departure from the Jesuits. He later started his own post apocalyptic cult and has taken the new name of Ildefons Shyam. The cult, and thus he, is doing quite well financially by collecting donations from thousands of believers to build a temple that will stand after the destruction of the world.

When Wirly's mother realized that she was with child, she went to a rehab clinic in Switzerland to control her anorexia nervosa and withdrew from the jet set life she had lead. After Wirlys birth she left the baby with a nanny from Germany, named Helga, and moved to India and from thence to Tibet where she discovered Buddhism, yoga and new fascinating techniques of plastic surgery. She spends most of her time at the Samskaras Spa in Tibet trying to postpone the inevitable … aging.

Wirly's personality is a highly explosive mix of her parents', a perfect balance between arrogance and vanity. Her age is not known as she does not disclose it to anyone she is mischievous, self-centered and most of the time mean. Wirly loves to create a stir and will make good use of any opportunity to do so. She was born a gifted child with an exceptionally high IQ. She has transcendental powers and thus she is capable of entering other people. A Vatican council has connected with that the only way to control her powers is by permanently putting boxing gloves and sunglasses on her.

Using her charisma and charm Wirly can be very sweet and loving, though this only applies to when it is in her personal interest. Her love for things and money are as clear as the day light. Her dream is to be a musician. She is currently single but intends to marry a rich and famous movie star that can afford to launch her training and career as a musician. Her two favorite books are The Divine Comedy and Fausto. Her nanny used to read those two books to her at bed time and they somehow bring about good memories from her childhood. Wirly has a very obscure sense of humor with a fascination for everything that is morbid and dark in fact it would seem that quite a lot about Wirly can be depicted as dark. This does not apply to her taste for colors however, as her favorite are shades of pink and orange.

Wirly has a half-brother named Tomasito. Some time ago Tomasito was found floating on a raft in the waters near the channel island Jersey. He is a very talkative and curious young boy, but his gibberish is incomprehensible to all. His favorite toy is by coincidence a small raft he carries where ever he goes. Attached to the raft was a note written in poor English asking for please to deliver him to his father, reverend Ildefons Shyam. Upon his reception the reverend quickly saw the potential in this situation and proclaimed for the cult that Tomasito is the sign that the End is near and turned Tomasito into a holly figure for the cult.

Tomasito follows Wirly almost all the time. The only time that he is not around his beloved half sister is when he is at the altar blessing the members of the cult Frequently after Tomasito having been in Wirlys care, the reverend has to recover his prophetic offspring from the arms of the law.

Willy is a penguin originating in the Antarctica. However Willy is not like most penguins in the sense that he does not thrive in the large numbers. For this reason he was trekking to Bouvet Island hoping to find a more secluded spot for himself. During the trek he made a navigational error and ended up in the UK where he met Wirly for the first time. Willy instantly fell in love with her and now follows her everywhere. He is very possessive and tries to keep people as far away from Wirly as possible by using all the martial training that he learned from a book while traveling to Bouvet Island.

Wirly has a blind fly pet. It is considered a scientific sensation as it has been with Wirly since it transformed from the larva stage 4 years ago. She took on the fly as a pet while learning about flies at school. She was taught that a fly would only live for 24 hours. Due to the clear discrepancy between school teaching and practical life, Wirly decided to drop out of school. She has currently launched a lawsuit against the educational institution she formerly attended for wrong teachings and manipulating the truth.


Source by Adriana Zimbarg