Will He Marry Me? 3 Spiritual Signs You Are Destined to Be Together Forever


Q: Will we get married? Are we spiritual soul mates… or simply passing time together? Are we destined to be together forever, or will he move on to someone else when I expect it least? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who call in, or visit a psychic, clairvoyant or pre-cognitive advisor for future advice, questions about LOVE, karma and commitment are often the most frequently asked.

And regardless of what you believe about psychic and spiritual matters, it’s hard to argue that some couples are connected in wonderful ways that defy conventional explanation, while others look “perfect on paper”, yet invariably are doomed to disappoint.

So what are the signs that YOU are in a relationship that is destined to go the distance? Are you meant to be together, or are you each merely a stepping stone in the life of the other, as you both flow in the direction of your true romantic destiny?

There are about 10 very common signs that most emotional intuitives use to gauge karmic compatibility and suggest a spiritual synchronicity that may transcend this lifetime as well.

Let’s look at 3 of them below.

1 – Deep immediate resonance. This is often thought of as “love at first sight” but is actually a much deeper karmic connection. As a matter of fact, in my own experience, the whole idea of love at first sight… is a misnomer!

When you feel a sense of deep connection and resonance with another person on first meeting them, it’s usually a sign that spiritually… you’ve connected with them many times before, and they are part of your spiritual soul group or karmic community.

When you feel this, you know it, so TRUST that it’s true.

2 – You have had pre-cognitive dreams about the person who is your partner. The truth is, you don’t need ME to tell you that if you’ve seen someone in your dreams prior to his (or her) appearance in your life, that is a cosmic connection that transcends mere chance or coincidence.

Go with it, and believe it’s meant to be… because it is.

3 – A shared sense of cultural, creative or other significant interests that you haven’t shared before. The truth is, in my own work as an emotional intuitive, one of the most common signs that you’ve found a soulmate or life partner is the sharing of odd or esoteric interests that are uncommon where you live, work or play.

For example?

A love for a country or culture that is foreign to you both… yet you share an inexplicable interest in, or karmic connection to a place you’ve never been. Often this is one of the first signs of deja vu… and of past life memories manifesting in the present. When you have lived lifetimes with someone who is spiritually significant to your personal journey, this shared “memory” is one of the most powerful signs you’ve met your match… and the man you MUST marry!

Lastly, don’t force it or push it. Just because you’ve met the man you are destined to marry, doesn’t mean you can’t break the bond in THIS lifetime by being overly aggressive, pushy or persistent with your plan. Let life unfold as it wants to… and what is supposed to happen, WILL – I promise!


Source by Angela Zoile