Will You Commit, To SELF – HELP?


How can anyone, become the best, he can possibly, be, until/ unless, he is ready, willing, and able, to fully commit, to focusing on, the finest level, of SELF – HELP? Who will help you, if you don’t, discover and understand, your needs, perceptions, strengths, and weaknesses, and, effectively, use those strengths, while, addressing areas of personal weakness, in a truly, relevant manner? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is so significant, and important, to know, and understand.

1. Strengths; services; symptoms: Accentuate the positive, and use your strengths, effectively, to better serve, your best interests. How will you recognize, what you need to know, unless, you progress, in an objective, introspective manner, and recognize the early – warning signs, and symptoms, which need to be addressed?

2. Energy; energize: When one proceeds, with the highest level of personal energy, his possibilities are enhanced and strengthened! What actions you need to take, to energize yourself, must be identified, before you can help yourself!

3. Listen; learn: Listen to your feelings and emotions, and learn, what makes you feel stronger, and better, rather than, merely, accepting, less than your personal, finest efforts!

4. Finest; focus; future; fruition: Proceed, constantly, with your finest, personal efforts, and focus on how you might become better, and stronger! Avoid the tendency to over – react, or fixate, on present challenges, but, focus on achieving the future, you desire. Don’t just give it lip – service, but bring your finest efforts, to fruition!

5. Healing; head/ heart: When you feel good, about yourself, you begin, to heal, any potential inner wounds. It’s important to address, and use, both, your logical, and emotional components, in a head/ heart, balance!

6. Effective/ efficient; emphasize; excellence; endurance: Self – help comes from creating a system, which is effective and efficient, for you, and your needs! Emphasize proceeding with utmost level of personal excellence, while realizing, there are often obstacles and challenges, and success, requires inner endurance!

7. Leading/ leader; lessen: Don’t expect things to happen, because you hope they will! You must become a self – leader, in order to lessen any inner – pains, and become, the best, you can be!

8. Priorities; perceptions; planning: Determine your personal priorities, and create a plan, to address them, and be, as thorough, as possible! Take the time, and make the effort, to recognize your perceptions, while realizing, how one perceives, often determines his personal reality! This takes true planning, including using affirmations and an affirmation list, positive self – talk, and inner fortitude!

You must want to become better, or you can’t be helped. Those who focus on SELF – HELP, on a consistent basis, generally achieve, the finest objectives!


Source by Richard Brody