You Can Learn the Language of the Inner Mind


Few people will ever understand the language of the inner mind. The inner mind is always communicating with us, guiding us, pushing us, alerting us to danger. Every possible question or need that you have can be solved if you know just how to listen in and understand the messages.

When Psychics have the desire to gain knowledge on a particular thing, they understand how to acquire that knowledge by taping into the mind for answers. When we go off to sleep and receive dream impressions we are also tapping into the inner mind. The inner mind may be the most sacred and precious tool but its worthless to us if we don’t make the effort to use it to enhance our lives.

Could you ever imagine going to live in a foreign country for several years without ever making the effort to learn the language? It may seem like an odd thing to do but people have done it. I know of several people who have lived many years in a new country and made little effort to learn the language. It just so happens that one of these persons came to the United States at a more mature age and made not one effort to speak English.

Perhaps this person was afraid that the language was too difficult to learn so why bother? I wonder if she ever realized just how much she was missing out on. Maybe she never realized that she was shutting herself off from meeting incredible people or even incredible experiences. If it seems like an odd situation to you I can say that it is as odd as never learning the language of your own inner self.

There is a world that is being missed, when you ignore communication with your inner self. The mind is a like an entire kingdom filled with every answer and every guide to every possible need. Half of our problems need not be as difficult if we learned that inner language.

Many of the trials that you experience in life are born out of your inability to listen to the guidance and if you do sense that something is amiss you may still not know just what it is.

Here are three simple ways to begin communicating with you inner self.

1) Become still and listen to your heart beat. Listen attentively until the sound becomes louder and louder. Play with the sound in your mind making it grow louder and louder as if it’s the only sound in the world.

2) Then ask a question. DO not try to find the answer instead return to the sound of your heart. Become aware of any new thought that comes into you mind. Write down whatever comes into the mind as brief notes then return to listening.

3) When you are satisfied with the answers that present themselves review what you have noted. Look to see how it applies to what you were asking.

The mind is powerful, and it can be used to get access to any question that you ask. Although the exercise seems simple the true power of it, is the daily practice. Try to do this daily, several times a day at best. You will find that things which seemed impossible to know will fall into your mind easily. As well you ability to understand and hear the messages will become stronger and easier.

What can you use the mind for? To gain answers on the next step to take, choosing the right partner, making money…. The list goes on.


Source by Chrisanthia Pierre